Health and well-being affect all aspects of our lives. And self-care becomes particularly important for foster parents, and grandparents who are caring for their grandchildren. Paying close attention to silent killers such as high blood pressure is essential.

Children entering foster care are too often given trash bags to put their belongings in. This practice adds insult to injury during an already extremely emotional process of placing children in protective custody. Children may internalize all kinds of negative messages as a result.

Some children have never had their birthdays celebrated prior to entering foster care. We believe in celebrating birthdays as a reminder that children exist for a purpose. Their lives have meaning, and it’s important that we help them discover and fulfill their purpose.

Our Blessing Ambassador Program is intended to give children opportunities to serve the needs of others. Our own lives are blessed when we seek to bless other. And we hope to encourage lifelong community service among the children we serve.

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