Our Programs

Our programs are intended to bless children and the families who care for them with joyful experiences!

Birthday Blessings

Many children in foster care have never had a birthday party.  We bless them with keepsake birthday boxes filled with items to have their own birthday party.  There are various ways for you to help bring even more blessings and joy to a child’s special day!


Family Blessings

Being a foster parent can be very challenging. By blessing the families, we’re helping them to continue blessing children with safe, nurturing homes. There are numerous ways for you to get involved to bless foster families and help them have joy filled homes even amid challenges.


Blessing Ambassadors

It’s our desire for children to experience the joy of being a blessing to others. We provide them with the resources to serve as Blessing Ambassadors, with the support of their foster family, in their neighborhoods, schools, churches, etc. We especially encourage them to bless the homeless, senior citizens and veterans.